Good enough never is…

In a competitive business world where most of the services and products we render, have been commoditized and we are competing on price for the business of our customers, there is the obvious and glaring strategy left: Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty! in order to create that and win the heart and mind of the customer, a strategy and action plan will be needed.

A Moment of Truth is any moment in which an actual or potential customer experiences some aspect of you and your company and gets an impression of the degree to which you care.

Simply put: Every time staff come into contact with a customer or potential customer, there is an opportunity to influence that person’s view and beliefs about the individual and the company.  No matter how long that moment of truth lasts, the customer’s experience will be a determining factor in whether he or she will decide to do business with you again. At every point of contact with a customer, the company’s reputation and image is on the line.

What makes it more challenging, is that the customer has chain of experiences when dealing with an organization. The customer often experiences several people in a company at different times. This means that more than one Moment of Truth occurs, which points to the need for consistency.

Customers will always either have a dull moment or a golden moment. Customers experience golden moments when they feel appreciated , that the company cares about them and values their business. The secret to superior customer care is to make Moments of Truth become Golden Moments.

Question to you is: What strategies do you have in place to ensure that a customer’s experience is a custom made golden moment? Are all the team members tied into your vision for the business and customer experiences? Are they trained and motivated for it? Do they have the tools and resources to deliver such experiences? When last have you had the team together to assess your customer experience strategy?

Well…nothing will change until you make the first move!

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