Judge the Seed by the Harvest

You always think you are right! If you believe something, you believe it’s right – if you did not believe that it was right, you would change it to something else and believe that rather…

Just because we believe something is right, does not mean that it is. The 19 young men that crashed the planes into the World Trade centre believed they were right – they believed those actions would get them to paradise. The certainly believed it was right, but that did not make those beliefs right.

There are many things in our lives that we have certain beliefs about. Beliefs about money, relationships, health, parenting, education etc. Each of these beliefs influences the actions we take. These actions eventually produce a result in our life… which becomes our lives.
How do we know when our beliefs are right? How do we know what truth is? Jim Rohn said “Sincerity is not the test of truth – life is the test of Truth”. How do you know if you are thinking right or believe the truth about relationships? Judge the “seed” – your thinking– against the “Harvest” of relationships in your life. If you are having a lot of good relationships in your life, the “Seed”, or beliefs about relationships are good. If you are going from bad relationship to bad relationship – you are not thinking right about relationships. The Harvest of bad relationships is proof of that.
Thinking about money – in debt up to your eyeballs ? You might not be thinking right about money, not having the right beliefs about investments, saving, spending etc. …If you want the proof of your “thinking about money” – look at your “Harvest”, your bank balance.

Well, Nothing changes until something moves…
We are where we are in life, because of the way we think, if we would like to be somewhere different, we need to change the way we think. We think a particular way because of what we feed our mind through the entertainment we watch, the people we surround ourselves with, the books we read and the dialogue that’s going on in our heads.
Look at the areas where life is not giving you what you want. Then look for the people and books that will educate and inspire you, changing your thinking in that area.

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