Dynamic Collaboration … a win-win

A new day has dawn for Organization culture. An era where the definition of “employee” does not have the same meaning as a few years ago. The Modern day “self actualizing entrepreneurial employee” wants something different from the relationship than job security, a promotion or a pension plan.

A new breed of corporate Loyalty is the clay from which a highly evolved and cohesive team can be build and managed. The “us” versus “them” mentality that has been fostered for hundreds of years in the workplace, desperately needs to be replaced by a spirit of Dynamic Collaboration. This Dynamic Collaboration can only be achieved if both Management and Employees are convinced that that each has the others’ best interest in mind.

Sooner or later, both a company and its employees (or an Organization and its members) will gravitate toward their respective purposes. If they cannot do this in collaboration, employees or members will begin to disengage or self-destruct and the organization will pay a huge price.\

When a company’s / organization’s culture opposes it employees/members’ purpose (that is: hindering employees from becoming-the- best- version-of –themselves), the employees will consciously or sub-consciously oppose the company’s goals and purpose. This in turn will prevent the company from achieving its purpose (becoming-the-best-version-of-itself)
This new breed of loyalty will be built on the principle of Adding Value. An employee is responsible for adding value to the life of a company. A company is responsible for adding value to the life of the employee. This is the great unspoken contract that exists between all employees and employers.

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