Turn the Page…

Better the devil I know than the devil I don’t! – Sounds familiar as thoughts you might have had, the basis of a self-talk recently?  How often havent you been stuck in a job you loathed, dreading Monday mornings? Or endured a tired relationship because the idea of being alone or finding someone new seems worse than coming home to the sloth on the couch? What we quickly forget is that the comfort zone we are currently in , was also once unkown territory . We’ve once had to transform in order to arrive at where we are today.

It is fear that stops us from experiencing growth, fear that keeps us from making changes that could reinvigorate the humdrum and re-energize a body and soul bored with routine . Yet we resist and fight change, anything to stay with what we know and what makes us feel comfortable.

Why do we fear change so much? – I think its because our natural tendency is to look at change from a “scarcity mentality” – What am I going to lose, instead of an “abundance mentality” – what do I stand to gain? We will never know the full story until we’re prepared to turn the page!. When we are in the midst of difficulties, that call for change , it’s helpful to be “open” because where we are headed could be wonderful.

When events happen that tilt our world we’re, in effect, being given a chance to re-examine our habits, and the way we think, to re-evaluate , so we can make changes that leave us better off than before.

Rules and Tools for Positive Change…
We can either be “at choice” (where we choose to make changes according to what we want) or we can be “at effect” (Where life forces change on us.
It is impossible to become what we are meant to be, or even want to be, by staying unchanged. When we stop changing, we stop growing.
Treat Fear of change as an imposter – the only fears you were born with (according to Dr Dennis O’Grady – Clinical phsycologist ) are a fear of falling and a fear of loud noises. As babies we didn’t know how to be fearful of change – we moved forward because that was what felt natural and right. From crawling to walking, from grade 3 to grade 4, from school to varsity. Adapting to change is what moved us forward!

Right – Time to be Courageous…. We have some decisions waiting!

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